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 Michael (NSW) / Cross Country AWD PRO- V Series

"I've got the power!" That's how I feel riding this board. Feels like snowboarding on the road, or off-road. The bluetooth connected Vesc app allows for customisation such as Traction Control and ABS breaking. I mean, it's the ultimate beast. The best riders I have seen on group rides want this baby! Tested it on a black grade MTB track. The board can handle it, I can't 😊. There's enough room on the deck for my dog and he loves to ride cross country with me. It's also built like a tank, takes anything I throw at it and I got just over 50km range from 3 separate rides one of them being the black MTB ride.


Michael (NSW) / Hybrid Direct Drive Bamboo

The most comfortable board I have ridden. I have tried all the other mainstream brands. I am 95kg and 188cm tall. The flex in the deck is springy and great for carving but when I tighten up the double kingpin trucks it is very stable for 40Km/h + cruising. The range is insane. I have achieved over 40 km hard riding with some battery still left. 
The rubber airless wheels are the best and softest ride, the cloud wheels give you the best range. But, my favourite are the glow wheels. They give you best surface feedback and most original skate feel while still being soft enough to absorb bumps, cracks and ramp edges and they GLOW wicked 🙂 no batteries needed internal lights are powered by gyroscopic force and the wheels themselves are glow in the dark which leaves an afterglow when you stop. Love the accessories too, motor guards and steeze light mounts in customisable colours. Top the range quality for mid range prices.


SHESK8 / Cross Country AWD - V Series

Best all-round off road board! I've been riding my Tranzite Cross Country for about a year and it's still the best off road mountain board I've seen. The four hub motors make it powerful enough to climb up the steepest of hills and over ambitious terrain. The Vesc makes this board smooth to accelerate and break. Range was decent then I added extra battery top box to my board 6 months ago and now I run out of energy before my board does. The clean design means less parts for things to go wrong. I've never had an issue with the board, period. Finally, as a female rider, This board is manoeuvrable enough for someone my weight to steer and light enough for me to lift and carry. 


SHESK8 / Hybrid Direct Drive - V Series

The Tesla of e-sk8 - This performance board is a tribute to quality engineering and Australian innovation. Quality parts and Australian built without the exorbitant price tag - more bang for your buck. This board is incredibly powerful, smooth and with extra battery box on top, I run out of energy before my board does


Connor / Cross Country AWD - V Series

"This is by far the most powerful electric skateboard I have ever seen! Super long range, controllable power and just an insane board on the road and off-road. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants a very powerful electric board".


Ugi / Cross Country AWD Gen 2

"Great experience visiting Tranzite Skateboards, and having the opportunity to meet the owner. He left me speechless with his outstanding customer service. Also, before buying the product, I had the chance to try it, which helped me a lot to choose what I actually wanted. Happy to say I am extremely "rapt" with my purchase".

Carlo / Cross Country AWD Gen 2

"Building the most robust boards for moderately rough environments, Tranzite provides great value for a considerate range price tag. I own a Cross Country model and couldn't be happier with the uphill torque and flat road acceleration. The deceleration is gradual enough to make sure someone without foot-straps doesn't fly off. My advice though, buy foot-straps, for safety and for getting that bit extra into carving and feeling like you're on a snowboard!

Any technical or mechanical assistance required? No problem, they are patient and guide you step my step through to making sure the board bounces back. With constant improvements based on feedback, the boards get stronger and the riders can relax knowing Tranzite has their back.

Regenerative brakes mean you can drain the battery down low and cruise down hill and gain back a measure of power for just one more ride.

I recently requested an AWD upgrade package for my initial purchase board. They were kind enough to take the time to figure out a unique method around my particular setup and still maintain perfect throttle and brake control, but now with double the power and brakes. While most servicing can be found on Youtube, nothing can beat a face to face, hands-on technician than can consider your ride style and fit upgrades tailored to you.

Tranzite has you covered in product, service, and support."

 Jarrod / Performance Longboard


“Thanks heaps to the guys at Tranzite for looking after me after purchasing board”

Kusin / Performance Longboard

“Easy to use and very well built. hyper fast delivery!”

Andrew / Cross Country 2WD Gen 2

"Great product & great customer service 👍🏼

Dan / Performance Longboard

“Great fun has been about 30yrs since last on a skateboard this was easy to ride”

 Jay / Cross Country 2WD Gen2

“Great Board heaps of fun , fast delivery”

 Brad  / Cross Country Gen 2

“Great board for such good price, love it, good communication, very helpful”

Steve / Cross Country Gen 2

Excellent & powerful! This is my 2nd board and this is much better 

Santi / Longboard Hybrid

 “Fantastic item and great customer service. Thank you!”

 Preston (NSW) - Performance Longboard

“Fantastic skateboard, great quality, fast dispatch and great communication”

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