About Us

Welcome to Tranzite Skateboards

Our Company

We are an Australian company, founded in 2017, based in Sydney and servicing clients across Australia and globally.

We want to transform the way people move around cities by using the latest clean technologies.

Join the revolution!

Our Team

We are experienced entrepreneurs that love extreme sports, surfing and skateboarding. Our team's common vision is to make of the world a better place, by introducing new technologies that can be used in our daily lives.

Our Values and Beliefs

We are inspired by developing innovative products and solutions, using new and clean technologies that are safe for our planet.

We recommend only products that we use, and our goal is to offer quality products at accessible prices.

Why Electric Skateboards? 

Electric skateboards offer a convenient way of transportation, powered by clean energy (electricity), therefore no emissions.

Powered by an electric battery, this is a proven technology, now accessible to everyone and at affordable prices.

Ideal for most ages (14+ recommended), get fit while having fun outdoors.


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