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Engineered for the best riding experience

Tranzite e-skateboards are at the triple intersection of performance, versatility and quality materials.

The result?

A unique high performance riding experience that maintains it's silence and smoothness in all terrains.

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Performance, not just "speed"

We aren't just for speed demons - You can enjoy a mellow commute as well. Tranzite riders enjoy super smooth, whisper quiet rides whilst reaching top speeds and retaining effortless torque and control.

If you’re looking to go hard & go fast, you’re still in the right place. We don’t offer a “cheaper model”, we simply offer high grade engineering, the latest in e-skateboard technology, and top-notch, innovative design.

We bring joy to e-skateboards - No matter your ride style.

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Made From the Best

We use only the best. That means Australian-made batteries which come with complete warranties, wheels that we've personally tested over every possible surface you'd want to ride, and motors that push the limits of what an e-skateboard can do. No cheap and tacky parts here. Just high quality, hand built designs.

Our team are active riders in the community - So our boards truly are built by riders, for riders.

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Australia’s Best Electric Skateboard

We’re Australian made and hand built in Sydney by our team of e-skateboard technicians from within our Sydney workshop. Before we release any new build, you can be assured we’ve carefully designed, and rigorously tested the board to the max before it goes on sale to the public. We’re proud of everything we put out.

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Smoother, faster & silent

Our new Australian-made 2022 models have higher max speed, faster acceleration, and better performance overall! We are now using Australian-built Molicel P42A cells batteries with 12S to deliver ever greater acceleration and speed. The V Series models have improved settings and calibrations, making it the most powerful all-terrain electric skateboard. We’ve also added extra wheel options for our Hybrid Direct Drive to match your boarding needs.


Hyrbrid Drive Drive V Series

Carve Up the City Or The Coast

We’ve taken the fan favourite and amped it up even more. 

More speed, more acceleration, more range and more power. 

Enjoy the same seamless, whisper quiet ride experience combined with an upgraded battery for extra “oomph”.

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Cross Country V Series

Seeking Offroad Adventure?

Ready to take your ride cross country? This is for those wanting an offroad thrill. 

Enjoy comfort at high speeds across all terrains with this rugged ride. 

228mm air wheels takes this board over almost any obstacle the ground throws at it.

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Tranzite Roadster AWD

This Board Will Take You Anywhere.

The ultimate beast for e-skateboard fanatics looking for the best of the best.

4 Direct drive motors offering 1600W each(!!), will take you to speeds of up to 55km/h. 

With a wide range of wheel options. So you can ride how & where you want in comfort.

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